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Kim is Author of the upcoming book The Framework: Emotional Intelligence Revisited, and Founder of the Two Way of Knowing Project. She is also an Associate of Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and on the Advisory Board  to CIRCE and The Centre for Restorative Justice.

In the early days of Kim’s career she was a field geologist doing everything from dirt-bagging to running drill programs in remote camps in northern Canada.  After earning her Applied Masters in Mineral Exploration from Queen’s University she worked for several years doing mineral assessment work for Yukon First Nations, and staking and optioning exploration properties. Kim’s interest in negotiation lead her to study at the Harvard Negotiation Project and BC Justice Institute.  This lead to an exciting position as a Federal Land Claims Negotiator in the Yukon during the completion of the Umbrella Final Agreement and signing of the first 4 Final Agreements.

Kim has been a Yukon Water Board Member and Chair of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.  Later, Kim made a career shift and studied writing for film and television. She wrote her first book on story structure, which she delivers workshops on internationally. Kim has also done extensive work in research, workshop development and  facilitation for the Two Ways of Knowing Project including at First Nation-Government-Business conferences.  Interestingly, her storytelling work and Two Ways of Knowing (2WK) have found many areas of cross-over.

Kim lives between Whitehorse, Yukon and Vancouver, BC with her two daughters who are members of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations.




Annual General Meeting of United Nations Inter-governmental Forum on Mines, Minerals, and Metals, in Geneva Switzerland and Online 

Workshop for Yukon Government Departments on 2WK 

Preprint of 2WK Theory entitled The Arrow and the Ring: The Power of Linear and Circular Thinking 

Fellowship at SFU Centre for Dialogue April 2014-2018 

AME BC Speaker 

Guest Lecturer at SFU Beatty School of Business, Executive MBA in Indigenous Business Leadership

BC Chartered Accountants Professional Development Course

Workshop on First Nation Engagement for Western Copper and Gold

Guest Lecturer for SFU Masters in Contemplative Education







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