About Kim

allheadshots2009 058                                                                                                                        Currently Kim is a Fellow of Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue working on the Two Ways of Knowing project.

Kim began her career as a field geologist doing everything from dirt-bagging to running drill programs in remote camps in the Hemlo area, Eskay Creek area, NWT and the Yukon.  After earning her Applied Masters in Mineral Exploration from Queen’s University she worked for several years doing mineral assessment work for First Nations and staking and optioning properties.  She then accepted a position as a Federal Land Claims Negotiator in the Yukon during the completion of the Umbrella Final Agreement and signing of the first 4 Final Agreements.

After marrying into a Fist Nation culture and having children, Kim studied writing for film and television and wrote her first book, on story structure, which she delivers workshops on internationally.

Kim has also done extensive work in research, workshop development and  facilitation including First Nation-Government-Business conferences.  Kim’s interest in conflict resolution lead her to study at the Harvard Negotiation Project and BC Justice Institute.  Kim has been a member of the Yukon Water Board and Chair of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.

2WK theory is currently becoming a book, expected in Spring 2017. Kim also gives workshops and does consultations on Two Ways of Knowing.


3 thoughts on “About Kim”

  1. Dear Kim
    In the article: Are you linear or circular thinker I somewhere read in the comment section about your book writing on this topic. My question: is the project completed? Thank you in advance for replying! Best greetings Roel


    1. My book, The Power of Two Ways of Knowing: shifting between circular and linear thinking, is in the final writing stages – very exciting – and then looking for a publisher. With luck and hard work it will be available this time next year. Thank you for your interest. Kim


      1. Kim have you released your book? I would love to buy it. I am in the begining process of writing a book and stumbled on to your blog this morning. I think you have a lot of great things to say and that you have a very unique worldview that needs to be explored and considered, especially in the area of understanding the thought process of those who think in a different manner from another, in order to build communication bridges.


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