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Things Change. So Can Your Approach

Jim Hemerling's Ted Talk illustrates just how inevitable change is in all aspects of our lives. Its our approach to change that makes all the difference. Personal transformation is seen as an exciting adventure. It motivates people to become better; inspires them to...

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The Real Problem with Trump

Politicians once lied to hide facts that made them look bad. They knew it was wrong but they played the odds against getting caught. Reagan said his administration had not traded weapons to Iran to secure the safe release of hostages. They probably did a cost-benefit...

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3 Successful Examples of Circular Thinking at Work

When companies place their employees on the top of their priority list, profits follow. These three companies demonstrate how a business culture based on the circular traits of relationships, humanity, happiness, and openness can deliver the linear measurements of...

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How to create a circular process

This is a description of how I design circular meetings. A lot of what I know about circular processes has come from attending General Assemblies of Yukon First Nations over the last 22 years. In a circular meeting, the overriding belief is that when everyone comes...

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