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2Ways of Knowing

A framework for accessing the power of linear AND circular thinking.

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Engagement and Shareholder Primacy

How is a company supposed to deal with the UN declaration of Indigenous groups’ entitlement to ‘free prior and informed consent’ and meet their obligation to shareholders? These competing values are putting mineral companies in a difficult position when they go to the communities for engagement talks. What if we stopped looking at them as competing interests, and instead looked to see where they...

Efficiency or Resilience: can we have both?

E Efficiency is the elimination of waste. But what if waste is actually a nutrient in a new system. In this case, efficiency is the elimination of nutrients. Resilience, on the other hand is a measure of how ready we are to incorporate those nutrients. It excels at adapting and benefiting from change. Resilience fosters diversity of approach, and creates some free time as the well-spring of...

The Slippery Slope Myth

No doubt you’ve seen this play out before.  Someone asks for a concession at work, for example, an employee with a sick daughter asks if she can work from home for a few days. The boss considers it but rejects the request because “if we allow this once, then before you know it, everyone will be demanding this.” Thus the “slippery slope” myth is perpetuated.  Glaciers floating on...

About Kim

My career path has been anything but linear. It has been consistently fascinating to me, and somehow everything has become related. I began as an exploration geologist working in Eskay Creek camp, northern BC, Hemlo Camp Ontario, NWT and various places prospecting and optioning properties in the Yukon. Then Yukon Land Claim negotiations caught my interst and I worked as a Federal Land Negotiator during the completion of the UFA and fist four Final Agreements. For a while I was a member of the Yukon Water Board and Chair of the Land Use Planning Council. I also worked as a consultant for several Yukon First Nations over the past few decades. All this experience came together when I was given the opportunity to be a Fellow at SFU Centre for Dialogue. I had noticed a pattern of two ways of knowing that I had experienced working for the mineral industry, Federal and Territorial governments and First Nations. SFU gave me the opportunity to explore this interest in a deeper way. Furthering the 2 Ways of Knowing Project has been the most exciting part of my career so far. I love it when things come together.

I live in the Yukon, with my dog and two daughters. 


My Work

The 2 Ways of Knowing Framework has wonderful potential for fostering leadership for the 21st Century, supporting cross cultural engagement, expanding options in conflict situations, organizational development, personal growth and transformations of all kinds.



What Do You Get From Complaining and Gossip?

Will Bowen’s 21-Day complaint free challenge has been getting a lot of media attention lately. It made me wonder why people are finding this challenge so challenging. We, as a society, must be getting something out of complaining or it would be much easier to just...

Things Change. So Can Your Approach

Jim Hemerling's Ted Talk illustrates just how inevitable change is in all aspects of our lives. Its our approach to change that makes all the difference. Personal transformation is seen as an exciting adventure. It motivates people to become better; inspires them to...

Single Track to Success Reaches for the $1Million Prize

UPDATE: Oct. 28, 2016 Single Track to Success was chosen as 1 of 8 finalists for the million dollar Arctic Inspiration Prize. Wishing them continued luck!  Jane Koepke founded Single Track to Success to be a place where the Yukon's First Nations youth could find pride...

The Real Problem with Trump

Politicians once lied to hide facts that made them look bad. They knew it was wrong but they played the odds against getting caught. Reagan said his administration had not traded weapons to Iran to secure the safe release of hostages. They probably did a cost-benefit...

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